10 Best Windows 7 Gadgets

Gadgets that are made for Windows 7 are portals for inclusion of many of the additional features that can make your Windows 7 work in the way that will suit you. Some of the uses of the gadgets are those that are very helpful in keeping track of your computer system and monitor the activity of the computer like CPU, memory, hard drive, network usage and much more. Listed below are some of the beat and useful Windows 7 gadgets that can come in handy to ease the hectic day-to-day life activities.

1. All CPU Meter GadgetV 3.1:

This is the only CPU meter that enables display of your computer’s CPU usage at the time of running, cores temperature and RAM usage. Having this CPU meter installed onto your computer will enable to cut short on those programs and uninstalling unwanted programs that will alleviate the performance of the computer. This is will be very helpful in identifying and sorting out the problematic program that is affecting the functionality of other programs and software.

2. Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor Gadget:

The Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor gadget is the one that can conduct a better comprehensive search for monitoring, tracking and managing Wi-Fi via your Windows OS. This gadget is used to search for networks, verify the Wi-Fi coverage limits, locate the presence of other devices using the same resources, detect rogue APs and present Wi-Fi in connection. This customizable gadget can manage on the system the various Wi-Fi networks.

3. Auto Shutdown:

This is one of the gadgets that works efficiently, and will allow you to override the computers normal set up to go to sleep mode or any other instructions when not in use. Therefore, when you have this gadget on your PC or laptop, you will be able to override these preset instructions, and will allow shutting down of the computer automatically, only after downloading those big files and restart if required immediately.

4. Language Translator:

While there are a number of online translator tools available on the net and will require constant internet access, you will be able to download this language translator that can translate your text information automatically from nearly 43 different languages. Nevertheless, if you are pleased with the translation done by this tool, you can use this to translate to other languages.

5. Traffic By Bing Maps:

While if you find yourself stuck in the traffic every time, in spite of leaving early for an appointment, and still find yourself locked up in the traffic, Microsoft’s new affiliation with Bing has brought forward a gadget that will cater to your needs. This gadget, Traffic by Bing Maps, gives a quick review of the real time traffic conditions instantly and will help to find the best alternative route to reach your destination on time. Till now only Canada and US users are the only beneficiaries.

6. Uptime Gadget Version Changelog:

You will require to know how much you computer has worked and how good is the lifetime of your computer, accessories and the battery life, to know how reliable are the specifications as mentioned at the time of the sales of the computer. Downloading this gadget to your PC or laptop will let you know to see how much time you have been using the computer since the last time that you used.

7. AlertCon:

AlertCon is the gadget that your Windows 7 desktop will require to keep monitoring the security of your internet usage. The barometer in this gadget is the place where you gain more information on the overall protection of your computer against internet hackers and hijackers. This four level internet threat level meter sends alert messages to users of internet, if they come across some kind of large-scale worms and virus infestation that might probably crash your computer to nothing with a single click.

8. Ultimate Explorer:

If you are going to be grateful to me for writing this article, then surely this will be one of the main reasons. This gadget is a powerful gadget designed to do a web search by fetching and combining all the search results from individual search engines into one single platform. Some of the many search engines that they operate will include Amazon, Google, Digg, You Tube, Drugstore, Wikipedia, eBay, Weather bug, etc., and much more.

9. The Magic Folder v2.0:

The Magic Folder is one of the best gadgets that you could use for cleaning up your messy desktop by spending heaps of time to get organized. However, you will not have the pain in the neck, thanks to Magic Folder, which categorizes files based on the extension and pile them in a single document folder. Nevertheless, you will still have the option of removing these extensions and getting them stored separately.

10. App Launcher v3:

This is one place where you can bring all the icons that you want to launch with a single click, and is one way where you can avoid these shortcut icons messing up your desktop. All you have to do is drag and drop these icons to the list. You should be able to save these shortcut icons appropriately and directly into these folders. With one click on the icons, you can launch the program desired.

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SLR Digital Camera

Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR or SLR) camera is the relative term of the serious and quality photography. A SLR digital camera has incorporated with a mirror just behind the camera lens to bend the light towards the viewfinder, while capturing the photo. This viewfinder is a prism (usually a pentaprism) that spins the incoming image to offer you its view right side up and spring back onto the focusing screen.

SLR digital camera lodges a wide range of lens focal lengths that ultimately results in brilliant images and rich photography experience. All the available SLR digital camera models comes with the integration of Live View Mode (except entry-level DSLR digital cameras) that enables the photographer to utilize the LCD to compose shots just like they experience with the snapshot digital cameras. In more sophisticated SLR digital cameras you will find the contrast autofocus instead Live View Mode.

There are different types of Digital SLR cameras like Interchangeable-lens full system digital SLR cameras, Fixed-lens digital SLR cameras, SLR-like or SLR-style digital cameras and Interchangeable lens digital cameras. Interchangeable-lens full system digital SLR cameras are the most popular among the passionate camera lovers. The interchangeability of the lenses from ultra-wide-angle to supertelephoto is the unique feature that apart them from other SLR digital cameras.

With Fixed-lens digital SLR you will enjoy the great ease of accessibility however the versatility of these cameras are quite limited. A SLR-like camera composes of electronic viewfinder and small LCD instead pentaprism or point-and-shoot’s optical finder. The Interchangeable lens cameras are the Hybrid cameras, which are technically clone of point-and-shoot cameras but aligned an interchangeable lens mount.The SLR or DSLR cameras are especially designed for the serious photographers those don’t compromise with any aspect of the camera whether its picture quality, technical configurations, performance, and ease of use. Various well-renowned camera brands offer the extensive and exclusive collection of the SLR digital cameras like Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and many more.

You can choose any most compatible model including Canon SLR camera, Panasonic SLR camera, Nikon SLR camera, Samsung SLR camera, Kodak SLR camera etc. If we talk about the reliability then the Canon SLR camera, Nikon SLR camera, Kodak SLR camera are the names strike in mind. However, the choice is all yours that perfect fits to your shoe of needs, desires, preferences and budget. In order to know details of the currently available Canon SLR camera, Nikon SLR camera, Sony SLR camera, Kodak SLR camera, Samsung SLR camera and other models then you simply visit Naaptol.

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Car Gadgets

We spend a lot of time in our cars; many people consider it just a means of getting from point “A” to point “B”. But there are some great creature comforts and downright entertaining hi tech gadgets on the market today. These gadgets won’t make your car Kit from Knight Rider (well maybe one will), but the article addresses a few items to consider, but obviously there are a lot more.
HD Radio is one of the most impressive and practical gadgets available. It provides a huge technology lead from what we have become accustomed to with AM and FM radio stations into what is now digital radio. The cost is all on the front end with the equipment, there is no monthly subscription fees, no hissing associated with radio and many more stations to choose from.
FLIR Systems developed the PathFindIR to provide thermal imaging that increases nighttime visibility. The device is shown through a camera and it allows the driver to see people, animals or whatever up to 2000 feet which is way further than we currently see in the dark. The cool think is you can continue to see that distance through snow, rain and snow. As you can imagine it’s been tested by the military too. This is a cool gadget, but for the price you will have to do some justification on why you need it.
Garmin has a free download that is available only on its nüvi GPS system, its called ecoroute. Ecoroute measures how environmentally friendly your driving is, rating you between 1 and 100 so you can see how well you are doing. It gives you real time feedback, which ideally saves you money and the environment all at once. 
The Koolatron Compact Cooler gives you a place to put those cold ones and keep them cold, or a sandwich, or a…heck this thing is a refrigerator for your car!  It was designed to fit in a tight place like between seats or behind one of them. It plugs into your cigarette lighter and keeps food 40 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.
Now if someone can just make a car stove to go along with the refrigerator we would all be set, for now we will have to be satisfied with frying eggs on the hood. In a later article I will be taking a look at some of the cool spy gadgets available on the market.

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