Camping Gadgets ? When Geeks Go Wild

When Geeks Go Outside

One of the coolest things about camping for me is the toys. Over time, I’ve ridden trail bikes, driven four-wheel drives, camped in storms, camped in remote areas, camped on mountains and camped by the beach. I can’t think of a trip where a gadget of some type hasn’t been involved. Gadgets make life easier, cooler and definitely more fun. 

Think you’re too tough? Think again!

Now I know there are those “man vs. wild” type campers out there that complain that you don’t need fancy gadgets when you go camping. However look at Bear Grylls, the original “man vs. wild”, does he not have a very cool survival knife? If you’ve ever seen those things in the shop you’ll discover it’s got about 5 different gadgets built in. Camping gadgets are not only fun and cool, I’d go as far as saying they are “essential”. 

If you’ve done any camping at all you’ve probably used a GPS a million times, you’ve probably lit a fire without matches, you’ve probably cooked or eaten using titanium materials and you’ve probably used a LED head lamp. We probably don’t consider these to be gadgets, but they are!

Geeky and I know it

I’m not ashamed to say that I spend a good 70 – 80 hours a week consuming the internet, working in my super geeky business, gaming, and generally obsessing over all things online. While I consider my self a geek and spend an enormous amount of time online, I also love getting outside. 

While I obviously take all my “i” devices camping, I also love taking an assortment of cool gear as well. Here’s just a sample of the geeky gadgets I take camping:

Wind up LED torch – Yep never need batteries, ever! Wind up technology and LED technology gets better every year. With current technology you simply never need to buy batteries.
Solar recharger – Everyone’s “i” device runs out of steam except me! Yes Solar has scope to improve however 4 – 6 hours in the sun will fully change most “i” devices
Titanium cooking and eating gear – Super lightweight and incredibly strong, nothing beats titanium if you’re a geek.
Night vision mono scope – Because it’s just cool to see what’s running around out there. I don’t use a super expensive “special forces” version just a basic mono scope to have some fun.
Survival knife – For everything from surviving a zombie apocalypse to cutting up an apple. 
Portable coffee brewing machine! – Geeks need their fuel right!

There is an impressive array of cool camping toys and gadgets to head out into the bush with. Look around next time your camping; you wont be the only one taking technology outside!


Justin is the founder, director, blogger, photographer, videographer and editor, cleaner, reviewer and general dogs’ body at a place where geeks and camping gadgets come together. Are you a campingeek?

5 Gadgets That Make Life Truly Easy

Whether you are a couch potato or lead an active life, the 5 gadgets you will see the details below are bound to make your life easier.
App-Enabled Smart Phones

Smartphones have a way of sticking true to their names. They not only let you be in touch with your friends and family as an extremely modern communication device, but also help you become organized and keep abreast of desired of information you desire. A well-stocked application store in your phone allows you to add features and gadgets you need the most. You can customize them to manage your finances, edit a document or picture on the go, receive updates on your social network or organize your workout routine. These Smartphones will prove efficient on all accounts.
Universal Remote Control

Once upon a time remote control was the hi-fi blessing that made things controllable from a distance without bothering your legs. With the creation of so many technological paraphernalia you are sure to bother your mind, if not your legs, when trying to jump on the right control for the right device. A cluttered table or drawer is another problem. Universal remote control solves this problem by giving you a one-touch solution for controlling all your devices with some learning.
Remote Control/Automated Lawn Mower

If you are not on a diet and dont ever want to be on one, you can surely try out a remote controlled lawnmower. Just hold the remote in one hand and your pizza in the next and control your lawnmower with it. Some mowers dont even require any supervision after some programming. Now you can cut your grass regularly instead of wide intervals saving you grass bagging trouble.
Handheld Navigation Device

If you are one of those typical men who find driving bane in bad traffic conditions or are too tired after work to drive your family to an unfamiliar site, then consider purchasing a Handheld navigation device. You do not have to worry about taking an alternate route as a short cut. Though cars now have auto navigation installed, you can always want it more in taxis or while in some old car. You can choose from a variety of GPS enabled devices to let you reach your destination without wasting time and energy.
Biometric Keyless Entry Systems

If your home is huge or you have different keys for your home, safe, main door, shed, etc or if your office needs a bundle of keys for different private rooms, you can make use of biometric keyless system. As shown in films it makes it easier for you to open doors after getting your finger, skin or iris scanned. In case the system fails (which is very rare), you can rely on a physical key to open the lock.

Jon Smith is a writer and is interested in topics related to technology. He is a part-time author at

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Soprolife Intraoral Camera The Newest Breakthrough In Dental Technology

As a dentist, we want our diagnosis to be accurate. As a patient, we want to understand the diagnosis given to us and have confidence in the treatment proposed. The Soprolife intraoral camera does just the trick. This new device uses fluorescence technology to find and detect cavities. The Soprolife camera emits a light onto the tooth and, when it is in treatment or diagnosis mode, the tooth will emit a color that helps the dentist to determine if the tooth is healthy or diseased. The color change allows the patient to be able to see what the dentist is talking about much easier and have peace of mind that they are getting the best treatment plan possible.

The camera has three modes: daylight mode, diagnosis mode, and treatment mode. In daylight mode the dentist can take the patient on a visual tour of their mouth. The camera images are displayed on a monitor and the patient and dentist are able to view the images. This intraoral camera can magnify teeth 30 100 times! Dentists and patients are able to see things they never saw before. The diagnosis mode is when a fluorescent light is emitted onto the tooth. The tooth will then emit a color in varying shades which aids the dentist in determining if there is decay present. During a dental procedure, the camera can be placed in treatment mode. Once in this mode, the device is able to become even more sensitive and can help the dentist in detecting healthy verses infected dental tissue.

This camera allows the dentist to have one more tool in their toolbox to help aid them in diagnosing carious lesions, or cavities. The dentists will detect cavities by visually inspecting the tooth, using a dental instrument to feel decay, and by dental radiographs. The Soprolife camera is the newest breakthrough in dental technology that a dentist can use to help guide him or her in cavity detection and diagnosis.

With this camera, a dentist can detect cavities sooner than with other techniques and devices. If the lesion is detected sooner, the result is a more conservative treatment plan thus preserving more tooth structure. Minimally invasive dentistry is the philosophy of many dentists. Our belief is to preserve as much tooth structure as possible during the removal of a cavity. The sooner the cavity is found, the less damage a tooth has endured, and the smaller the restoration.

Dentists want to detect cavities before the patient has any discomfort. If the patient is experiencing discomfort that could mean that the bacteria from the cavity are causing inflammation in the pulpal structure of the tooth and a root canal may be indicated. Its important to see your dentist regularly so they can check your teeth to find cavities before you start having pain.

Dr. Ryanne Hazen is owner of Smile Expressions Family Dentistry and is one of the most recognized Mount Dora Dentists and Eustis Dentists in the Lake County Area.

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