Fitness And High Tech

The fitness craze is a multibillion dollar industry. People are more concerned than ever about staying fit, watching their weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. Nonetheless, there are times when this need conflicts with other aspects of a persons life. Jobs, children, errands, even friends and personal activities can all take away from the time that an individual would normally use to workout. Fortunately, the world of high tech understands these dilemmas and is working hard to help people to be able to work out in more places, and to exercise more efficiently.

It used to be that if you wanted many of the high tech options such as heart monitors, interval timers and calorie counters, you would have to do your workout in a specialized facility. However, with many of the options on the market today, you can now use these electronic gadgets to work out almost anywhere.

You do not have to squeeze time in your busy day to drive to the gym. Instead, you can go for a quick walk or run first thing in the morning and use a portable heart monitor. You can grab your special interval lap counter and run laps at the local track or anywhere else you would like to go. In fact, you can even combine your fitness efforts with taking the dog for a walk and still be able to keep track of the number of calories that your body is burning.

With the time constraints that most of us face, it is very important that we make the most out of the time that we have available for fitness activities. By using many of the high tech electronics now available, you will be able to monitor exactly how many calories you are burning and how fast your heart is beating. By knowing these factors, you can then determine which exercises are giving you the best workout.

Any good fitness trainer will tell you that it is important to work out smarter and more efficiently than more often. If you do not have an accurate account of these activities, all your efforts may be for not. If you are trying to get a cardio workout, you have to get your heart beating at a certain rate, but if you have no idea of what your heart rate is, you may be working out for little in return, or worse, you may be over exerting yourself.

Make the most of the time that you have to exercise. Incorporate the world of fitness with the world of high tech electronics to get the optimum physical work out.

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Home Workout Gadgets Every Guy Must Have

Look, when it comes to getting fit and staying healthy, there are no substitutes for a gym membership. Finding the right gym for you is a whole different ballgame, but I’m going to talk about a few gadgets that you can get for your home that will help accentuate your workout repertoire.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

These dumbbells are amazing. They’ve been on my wish list for four years and I finally decided to get them and I will not regret it.

Before these were invented, people had two options when it came to free weights at home. Adjustable dumbbells and a dumbbell set.

Adjustable dumbbells are great space savers and I used them for two and a half years. You basically get all the weight plates you need, get a plate tree and two dumbbell handles with collars so you can switch the weights inbetween sets.

These were great and I used them to their fullest extent, but there is only one problem. Switching weights inbetween sets really cut into my training. Look, if I wanted to go to absolute failure on a set, I could, with THAT weight. Lets say I really just want to fry my muscles for the day (last set) and I just want to go til I can’t go anymore. I would love to be able to say, cut off 5 lbs on each dumbbell IMMEDIATELY so I can keep repping out until my biceps are dead, but it’ll take a full minute to switch with the adjustable dumbbells.

Now when I’m at the gym, this isn’t a problem because they have a huge dumbbell set with different weights. But this is about home workout systems.

So the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells really solved that problem for me. Not only can I switch the weights very quickly, but they also take up a lot less space than my previous entire set did. And they’re that much more convenient.

No matter whether you’re trying to put on some muscle, rehabilitate yourself after an injury, or just trying to tone your muscles, the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells are one of the greatest free weight devices you can have at your home.

The Perfect Pushup

I train MMA and pushups are a serious staple in our workout regimen. There are so many benefits to pushups its unbelievable, especially in martial arts. They help build your endurance and your reflex time, along with various strength benefits.

The Perfect Pushup is only 30 bucks, so I decided I would try it out. Turns out its an awesome addition to my regular pushup routine.

The rotation of the Perfect Pushup really focuses all the effort that I am using on my pectoral muscles. Before when I could do upwards of 40 pushups in one set, with these I can only crank out about 20, and the burn I feel afterwards is incredible.

Also, they allow me to go much deeper into my pushup than a regular pushup, thus giving me more range of motion in my pectoral workout.

That is one of my biggest pet peeves in the gym, seeing guys do bench presses and other exercises and only going halfway down. It drives me insane.

Anyhow, these are two very great gadgets that are essential for every fitness enthusiast to have in their home.

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Hot Swimming Pool Gadgets

Each and every day new and improved gadgets are being introduced to the market. New computers with copious amounts of memory constantly line the computer stores, whilst mobile phones are released that allow for full length videos to be played effortlessly. It is without doubt that the current world is one that adores new gadgets.

So what about some gadgets for the swimming pool?

Endless Pools – since 1995, Endless Pools have been producing a range of swimming pools that although only marginally bigger than a large hot tub, allow for long distance swimming to be carried out.

The pools created by this company work in the same way as a standard treadmill does, by recycling the same water in the pool, pushing it from one end to the other, giving the sensation of swimming against the current.

SwiMP3 – for those who swim for exercise or enjoyment, music is often missed as unless a stereo is playing at the loudest volume, it is almost impossible to listen to music whilst swimming – and even then the quality isn’t great. However, there have been a range of products created in recent years to combat this problem, such as the SwiMP3.

This music player uses a technique that transfers sound from the earpiece, along the cheek bone and into the ear. As most other underwater MP3 players rely on the quality of the ear plug to transfer sounds direct to the ear, the SwiMP3 ensures that sound quality is good, regardless of where you are swimming or the type of stroke you are using.

Slack Amphibious Lounger – killing two birds with one stone, Slack have produced an item that has seen an end to uncomfortable poolside furniture and useless swimming pool inflatables. Ten months in production, Slack successfully created the Amphibious Lounger which is, in effect, a large beanbag that can float on water.

A standard bean bag on the poolside, the Lounger works in the pool by letting in water through the specially designed material, which then reacts with the contents, producing hundreds of inflatable ‘beans’.

Solar Shower – due to chlorine being a corrosive chemical, many people cannot use swimming pools that use chlorine for substantial lengths of time without showering in between uses.

To make things easier, rather than having to continually walk indoors to shower, there have been a range of solar panel outdoor showers produced that when attached to a clean water supply, will produce warm water for showering under without any need for connection to an electrical socket. Furthermore, the majority of solar showers created are designed to also be used when camping or traveling and are therefore extremely light weight, telescopic and very easy to carry around.

Oasis Insta-Pool – it is well known that for a permanent swimming pool, the cost can easily reach $ 45,000. As a lot of people simply do not have the space, or only believe they will use the swimming pool for a few weeks each year, then the Insta-Pool could be a good solution.

The pool is more than 12 feet long, takes only moments to set up and take down. It comes with a filter, ladder, ground cover and pool cover, making for one of the most affordable swimming pools on the market today.

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